Renee French

The Soap Lady (Top Shelf, USA, 2001) Artist/Writer, 120 pages, hardcover

Marbles In My Underpants - The Renee French Collection (Oni Press, USA, 2001) Artist/Writer, collection of
over 200 pages of previously published material

Corny's Fetish (Dark Horse Comics, USA, 1998) Artist/Writer, 60 pages.
The Ninth Gland (Dark Horse Comics, USA, 1997) Artist/Writer, 48 pages.
Grit Bath #3 (Fantagraphics Books, USA1994) Artist/Writer, 26 pages.
Grit Bath #2 (Fantagraphics Books, USA1994) Artist/Writer, 24 pages.
Grit Bath #1 (Fantagraphics Books, USA, 1993) Artist/Writer, 24 pages.
The Adventures of Rheumy Peepers & Chunky Highlights (Oni Press, USA, 1999) Artist, 28 pages,
written by Penn Jillette

Grit Bath #3 - The Ninth Gland - German Edition (Jochen Enterprises, GERMANY, 1999) Artist/Writer, 48 pages
Grit Bath #2 German Edition (Jochen Enterprises, GERMANY, 1997) Artist/Writer, 34 pages.
Grit Bath #1 - German Edition (Jochen Enterprises, GERMANY, 1996) Artist/Writer, 34 pages.

Upcoming Books
The Ticking (Top Shelf, TBA) Artist/Writer, 110 pages

EXPO 2001 Artist/Writer, "Mr. Hinchman."
The Ganzfeld #2 Artist/Writer, "Portraits."
Rosetta - Artist/Writer, "Detailed Portrait."
Legal Action Comics (Danny Hellman, USA, December 2000) Artist/Writer, "Steelhead"
Tokion (JAPAN, USA, August 2000) Artist/Writer, "Some Cornelia Stories"
Zero Zero Final Issue (Fantagraphics, USA, July 2000) Artist/Writer, "Nadine"
The Stranger (The Stranger, Seattle, USA, June 2000) Artist, written by Stacey Levine, "Bean"
XX (Jochen Enterprises, GERMANY, July 2000) Artist/Writer, "Steelhead"
Comix 2000 (L'Association, FRANCE, 1999) Artist/Writer, "ZZZ"
The Big Book of Bad (Paradox Press, USA, 1998) Artist, "Nasal Sex" written by Jonathan Vankin
Free Speeches (Oni Press, USA, 1998) Artist, "Pig"
Zero Zero #23 (Fantagraphics Books, USA, 1998) Artist/Writer, "Cornelia In The Pen"
Slant Magazine (Urban Outfitters, USA, 1997) Artist/Writer, "Cornelia Does The Ice Fishing Thing"
Dark Horse Presents Annual 1997 (Dark Horse Comics, USA, 1997) Artist,
"The Adventures of Rheumy Peepers & Chunky Highlights -Sneak," written by Penn Jillette
Dirty Stories (Fantagraphics Books, USA, 1997) Artist/Writer, "Lunch"
Last Gasp #5 (Last Gasp, USA, 1997) Artist/Writer, "After Cornelia's Bath"
Zero Zero #17 (Fantagraphics Books, USA, 1997) Artist/Writer, "Duck"
The Big Book of Freaks (Paradox Press, USA, 1996) Artist, "The Most Embarrassing Freak I Ever Saw,"
written by Gahan Wilson
Dark Horse Presents #107 - #112 (Dark Horse Comics, USA, 1996) Artist/Writer, "The Ninth Gland"
Lallapalooza Magazine (Lallapalooza, USA, 1996) Artist/Writer, "B&V"
Last Gasp#4 (Last Gasp, USA, 1996) Artist/Writer, "Pretzels the Cat"
The Big Book of Death (Paradox Press, USA, 1995) Artist, "You Are What You Eat," written by Bronwyn Carlton
Dark Horse Presents #100 (Dark Horse Comics, USA, 1995) Artist/Writer, "The Ninth Gland Sneak"
A Vast Knowledge of General Subjects - Book One (Fantagraphics Books, USA, 1994) Artist,
"After Dinner Mints" written by Ernest Noyes Brookings
Fidus #5 (No Comprendo Press, Norway, 1994) Artist/Writer, "Ms. O'Reilly's Class"
Real Stuff #17 (Fantagraphics Books, USA1994) Artist, "Name Dropper" written by Dennis Eichhorn
Real Stuff #10, (Fantagraphics Books, USA1992) Artist, "Nice Guys Do Dance,"
written by Dennis Eichhorn.

Strapazin Magazine (SWITZERLAND, 2000)
The Pyrotechnic Insanitarium - American Culture on the Brink (Grove Press, USA, 1999)
by Mark Dery, Chapter 10 - Renee French's Kinderculture
World Art - Issue 18 "Grim Fairy Tales" by Mark Dery
The Village Voice (1995) - "In Defense of the Nasty" by Ann Powers
The Comics Journal #174 "Renee French Sketchbook" by Tom Spurgeon
The Comics Journal #159 "Submerged in Grit" by Carole Sobocinski
The Utne Ready #59 "Adventures in Adult Comic Land" by Terri Sutton